About AMT
AMT is one of the most reliable and famous IPL and dermatological laser equipment manufacturers in Korea.

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- Company Introduction -
AMT Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and we are a manufacturer of aesthetic & medical laser systems such as Laser, IPL, RF and HIFU.
Our company is well known as a manufacturer of IPL equipment in Korea, and produces and supplies various laser products(Q-switched Nd;YAG Laser/ CO2 Fractional Laser/ Diode Laser/ Q-switched Ruby Laser/Thulium Laser/Erbium Glass/ etc) optimized for the high quality skin care market.
Currently we are exporting equipment directly to more than 30 countries around the world.
[Company History]

* 2023 Year: Completed US FDA registration of LUCAS PLUS 
* 2023 Year: Completed SFDA registration of LUCAS PLUS
* 2022 Year: Completed new ISO13485:2016 registration
* 2022 Year: GMP renewal completed
* 2018 Year: Acquired the KFDA for GLOBEAM-R (Ruby laser)
* 2016 Year: Acquired the USA FDA for Olive plus (Diode Laser system)
* 2014 Year: Acquired the LVD CE for BOTOSONIC (HIFU)
* 2014 Year: Acquired the USA FDA for A-TONE (IPL)
* 2012 Year: Acquired the KFDA for CUREDA, LUCAS PLUS, COPRO3, Hi-TONE
* 2010 Year: Acquired the KFDA for A-TONE
* 2008 Year: Acquired the KFDA for OLIVE
* 2003 Year: Acquired the KFDA for Er:YAG

Major Participating Exhibitions


It is held every March in Seoul, Korea, and is visited by many domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers.


It is held annually in Dubai, UAE in late January or early February, and is the largest exhibition in the Middle East.
AMT sells equipment to major Middle Eastern countries such as UAE, KSA, JORDAN, and IRAQ.


It is Asia's largest beauty exhibition held in Hong Kong every November.